Privacy policy of FFI Sp. z o.o.

Last revision: 25.05.2018

The privacy policy provided below applies to FFI Sp. z o.o. company, the following facilities: ILONN HOTEL, ILONN BOUTIQUE LIMANOWSKIEGO, and restaurant concepts at Młyńska 12. At FFI Sp. z o.o., we make every effort to provide top-level products and services to the customers of our hotels, bars and restaurants located in Poznań. We value and respect our visitors and their loyalty, and are aware that personal data privacy is an extremely important matter. We have developed this privacy policy to describe our practices regarding your personal data that we collect in written or verbal communication, when you visit one of our hotels, or from other sources. This declaration provides a detailed description of the practices we adopted at our company to protect your personal data.

By using our products or services and/or by accepting our privacy policy, e.g. during registration for any of our products or services, you agree to the collection and use of your personal data as set out below.

This privacy policy does not apply to our processing of personal data on behalf of or at the request of third parties.

What personal data we collect

Personal data may be collected by the company at each stage of contacting or interacting with our visitors. Such data may include: contact details, details of your booking, stay or visit to our hotel or restaurant, participation in a loyalty programme; participation in competitions or marketing actions; data of the purchase or receipt of products or services; personal details, information about the country of residence, passport or identity document number, data and place of its issue; payment data, such as your payment card number and other card data, as well as authentication data and other billing and accounting data; information about our visitors' preferences, marketing preferences and communication method; information about vehicles that you park at our facility and opinions about our catering brands or facilities; information provided in applications for the participation in loyalty programmes or other data obtained from you or third parties.

We may also record the data of persons travelling with you, including their first and last names.

In addition, in specific cases, we collect other personal data, such as:
When conducting surveys among our visitors, we may ask to provide demographic and other personal data.

We may also use video surveillance and other security measures on the premises of our facilities, by which we may record the appearance of our visitors, persons present in general-access areas, at our hotel car park, and information about your location on the premises of our hotels and catering concepts, using electronic keys. Personal data may also be collected in relation to the services offered at our facilities, such as child care, equipment rental, transport services.

If you plan to hold an event, we collect details of the event, such as its date and time, number of guests, information about rooms, as well as, for business events, also company details (e.g. name, budget). We also collect data about guests who are members of your group or participants of your event. If you visit us as a group, we may obtain your personal data from the members of the group. After a group stay at our hotel or participation in an event, we may send you marketing materials matching your preferences, to the extent permitted by the law. We may provide your personal data to hosts of the event to the extent permitted by the law.
If you apply for a job at FFI, read the candidate privacy disclaimer in the "Career" tab on our website.
In addition to data obtained directly from you, we may also compile information about you that you provided, or using other data we collect.

Personal data from third parties we collect

The company may also collect your personal data from third parties, including from our partners processing payment cards, data from your social media accounts, according to the setting you entered on such social media websites, as well as from external sources, which are legally permitted to provide such data to us. We use such data and provide them to other entities described in this privacy policy.

Use of your personal data

We use personal data, among others, to provide and personalise services you order and expect from FFI, to offer you the expected level of services at our facilities, to manage the loyalty programme, to conduct direct marketing actions and sales promotions.

We use your personal data to implement loyalty programmes you participate in.
We may use your personal data to provide you with details of planned meetings and events.

The company may use your personal data where permitted to deliver to you newsletters and other marketing messages according to your expectations as to the form of communication. The company uses your personal data to send you messages in the course of your stay at our facilities and to confirm bookings; to send your marketing messages, organise surveys and competitions. The company may send such messages over electronic mail, traditional mail, through web advertising, social media, by phone, text messages (including by SMS or MMS) or by other methods (including over hotel TV). Upon your consent, we also use user-generated content (such as photos) from social media to send graphics advertising or publish it on our website. The company may also collect data from your payment card, which may be appended with your personal data, for FFI to verify what type of card you have, and what the issuing bank or network is.

Your personal data may be used to improve service quality as we strive for our website to be interesting and noteworthy. We also use your personal data to provide you with the expected service level in rooms and elsewhere at our hotel and catering facilities.

Personal data we make available

In order to provide you with a high service level and proper support, we may make your personal data available to our service providers and third parties as set out below:

If you visit the facilities of FFI in relation to a conference or group meeting, the data collected to host that event may be provided to the event's organisers and to guests organising or participating in such meetings or events.

The company may cooperate with other entities to provide you with products, services or offering based on your experience of our facilities. We may also make your data available as appropriate to our partners. For instance, we may act as an intermediary in transport arrangements, ticket reservation, medical appointment at the facility or assist in the provision of other services of our partners, and thus make your personal data available to them.

Personal data may be made available to third-party providers of on-site services, such as child care, DJ, decorators.

We cooperate with third-party providers which may provide services or products on behalf of the company. In justified cases, the company may make your personal data available to them. Services providers are contractually bound to protect you personal data and may not use or make your personal data available, except as provided by the law. The company may use service providers who, on its behalf, send you messages and promotional materials, including personalised Internet ads, which meet your expectations and comply with the effective laws.

In addition, FFI may disclose personal data to: comply with the effective laws, reply to official letters from public authorities, protect the law, privacy, security and property of FFI, visitors, guests, hotel and restaurant personnel as well as third parties, to limit any damage that the company may suffer, to require compliance with the terms of use of the website and to respond to emergencies.

Non-personal data

We do not use cookie files to collect information. To delete or block cookies, update the settings of your web browser (Help section in your browser's menu - how to delete or block cookies). FFI bears no liability for the settings of your web browser. Advice on how to manage cookies in the various browser types is available on the website:

Non-personal data do not identify you directly, and therefore it is permitted to use such information for various purposes so far as it is permitted by the law. in certain cases, non-personal data may be linked to personal data. If non-personal data are lined to personal data, we will handle them as personal data according to this privacy policy.

Sensitive data

The term "sensitive data" refers to the information related to your ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of trade unions, health, sexual life or orientation, genetic information, criminal record or any biometric data that are used to uniquely identify one's identity. We do not collect sensitive data, unless they are provided by our visitors voluntarily, e.g. to improve services or satisfy your needs (e.g. an appropriate room for a disabled person).

Personal data of children

FFI does not collect personal data of persons below 18 years of age.

Links to other websites or services

FFI may cooperate with a limited number of Internet service providers to enable Internet access for our guests. Your use of the Internet service on our premises is governed by the terms of use and the privacy policy of an external Internet service provider. You may read such terms and policies using the links on the service logon page or on the website of the Internet service provider.

Personal data protection

FFI has implemented the relevant procedures to protect the collected personal data against unauthorised access, disclosure, change or destruction, and to store correct and updated personal data according to the effective laws. The company also makes every effort for its partners, to whom it provides personal data, to exercise due care in maintaining confidentiality of your personal data. For Internet transactions, the company uses proven technology solutions that ensure the protection of personal data provided to it over the website. In objective terms, however, no Internet security or data transmission system is able to ensure full security.

Modifications and access to personal data

To the extent regulated by the law, you may demand from us information about your personal data kept by the company and, in justified cases, updating, correction and/or deletion of your personal data from our database. The company will make the required updates and modifications at the time and to the extent specified by the effective laws. Such demands should be sent in writing to:

Owing to data confidentiality considerations, we send replies to such demands only to registered e-mail addresses, or such other addresses as are notified to the company.

In justified circumstances, under the effective laws, you may demand, sending us an e-mail to the address indicated above, that we stop making your personal data available to our business partners or that FFI stop using your personal data. We will examine such demands according to the applicable laws.

Personal data storage

We store personal data for a period required to achieve the objectives of this privacy policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by the applicable laws.
We will destroy your personal data as soon as possible, to prevent their restoration or reconstruction.
Personal data in hard-copy format will be destroyed in a safe manner, i.e. put in a shredder, burnt or otherwise disposed of; in the case of information stored electronically, personal data will be destroyed using technical solutions so that to prevent their restoration or reconstruction in the future.

Choice - marketing messages

If you have provided us with your contact details (e-mail address, telephone number), we may use such data according to your preferences and upon your consent, to inform you about our products and services, send invitations to events by e-mail, web advertising, social media, phone, text messages (including SMS and MMS).
If you do not wish to receive marketing materials from us, you may unsubscribe at any time, sending a corresponding request to: – your request will be examined within 10 business days.

Privacy policy modifications

This privacy policy is subject to change. If the company introduces any significant changes, we will publish a link to the updated version on the home page of our website. The date of the last update is in the link address and at the top of the page with our privacy policy. Any changes take effect upon publication of the updated version on our website. The use of any of our products and services and/or consent to the updated version of the privacy policy after such changes are made is equivalent to your consent to the privacy policy version effective at the time.


Any inquiries about this privacy policy and about how FFI Sp. z o.o. processes your personal data should be sent to the e-mail address or mail address: Hotel Ilonn ul. Szarych Szeregów 16, 60-462 Poznań.

Updates of the privacy policy for FFI Sp. z o.o.

As noted above, this privacy policy is subject to change. In order to track the most important changes, we will add a history of changes to our privacy policy.

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